Are you in the market, looking for a new mattress?

 These are things you need to know first.

Choosing a mattress for your personal needs is necessary. Are you going to invite a friend that wants ample space to share a mattress with? Do you have physical conditions, needs or diseases such as breathing problems or a poor back that might limit your mattress range? Will you need the extra room or better support for a big person? These are all factors that should be considered before you begin your search for the best sleep system to suit your needs.

Size of the mattress

For your personal needs, you need to find the best gel memory foam mattress. This involves having space for yourself to move safely, securely, without upsetting your companion/anyone you share the bed with if you have a sleeping partner / if you have one. Too tiny a sleep surface places you in contention for sleep space and leads to disrupting the sleep of both you and your partner while most safe sleepers shift 35 to 60 times a night.

Support within the mattress

For safe sleep, sound support is important. A good mattress and base will stabilize your body at all points constantly and hold your spine in the same “straight line” alignment as a person in a standing position with good posture. Pay extra attention to the heaviest areas of your body: your elbows, hips, and lower back. At those heavier pressure points, the mattress can contour, holding the spine in the same critical straight-line shape. A mattress that is too hard, specifically the hips, will place pressure on the heavy areas of your body, signaling your body to turn over and resulting in tossing and turning night. This will result in your spine not being correctly balanced if there is too little support and your muscles will loosen up and have to work harder to compensate for the loss of support.

The comfort of the mattress

What does an applicant’s mattress feel? There must be an acceptable dimension of soft cushioning materials on top of the support level of a mattress that both provide a supportive embrace and have a breathable sleep surface that will help you sustain an optimum sleep-body temperature. Wool and other natural fibers are the strongest “breathable” covering fabrics and can also help steer moisture away from your body, keeping you dry and relaxed as you sleep. Like other man-made fabrics, natural latex releases no toxic waste and helps preserve maximum body temperature as well. Comfort and help in maintaining natural, safe sleep are natural, inseparable partners and neither needs to be or should be traded for the other. Look for the firmest, most durable mattress you find most secure concerning good spine protection.